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> A Simple Question
Posted: October 31, 2015 10:13 pm
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What is the standard IEEE schematic symbol to denote a jumper where a wire solders directly to a PCB. The wire goes off someplace else and not somewhere on the same PCB.

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Posted: November 01, 2015 05:06 am
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That would be a wire connector then, not a jumper. wink.gif I don't know if they standardize anything like this (though I'd suggest being weary of IEEE symbols, they're ugly as sin), but the traditional means is either a circle at the end of a line (also test points and such), or a double arrow (usually indicating an interchangeable connection to an immediate circuit or network), or any traditional kind of connector (like a rectangular header, usually drawn as pins attaching to a box; whether there's a connector or not, the footprint is the same for a ribbon cable, and a single wire still counts as a 1x1 header).


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