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> Old Radio Shack Radio Antennae
Posted: November 23, 2017 08:44 am
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Hello, world.

A few questions at once.

Looking for replacement antenna for Realistic DX-360 (it's broken).

1) What was the original length, diameter, the number of sections,? I assume it it's some 1 m long, since it has SW1-SW6 selector positions. I see a few standard lengths offered, like 25.4, 38, 49, 63, 98, etc. What is the significance of those standard lengths?

2) What's the best place to look for replacement antenna, other than eBay?

3) I see similar antennas on eBay (Hong Kong/ China), but bases (antenna's root hidden inside the receiver; it has a swivel joint on its external end) are shorter. Mine is 5 cm, while eBay offers the variety of antennas of different lengths, but all having a shorter base (3 cm).
So, if I swap the old broken telescopic tear with a new one (leaving the original base), what would be the repercussions? Both, reception wise (I will lose about 1"), and having potentially too loose top tear, not being rigid enough after replacement?

4) I see that sellers advertise stainless steel antennas; what are pro's and con's? The old ones were chrome plated brass, I believe?
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