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> Using Old Lcd Screens With Arduino, Found a box of old Displays...
Posted: December 27, 2015 11:28 am
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Remember that score I made in Denmark with a box full of old LCD displays...maybe 6-8 years ago? I've been drooling over those HUGE displays for such a long time, they're just getting older and older, and since I now finally have something easy to code, I thought I'd give it a whirl...

...boy...that turned out to be a hair puller, I've worked all night with ALL kinds of displays to get some of them working, some of them require MINUS voltages for the LCDs, some of them have special custom chips even with the known Toshiba drivers...

And no one of them had standard inputs/outputs ...all called something different.

No pinout descriptions, not a single display could be found on the net, I tried SO many similar variations, they were all a custom job. I had to meticulously look up the driver chips and check the driver pinouts instead of the display, and that way find the Data bus + various Clock/Enable/RW/RD/Whatever needed to get them going...not to mention try to understand the libraries that was made for some other displays and make it work with this... nono.gif

After TOO many hours, I got one of them running as you can see in the above picture, YAY! w00t.gif
The graphics works a treat too, the display is really SUPER crisp and sharp as you can see from the image (no back light needed, not even flash...and all I had was dim lighting), but it has backlight, white of all things, so it's not that old I assume, but it's so clean that it's really not needed).

My hair is a bit greyer now, but it feels sweet to finally have a huge 7" graphics display for the experiments.

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Posted: December 27, 2015 01:02 pm
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Nice display - even if it is a bit 'old' laugh.gif

If you're lucky you find a 44780 driver onboard and they are pretty much standard across the board these days - or other chips that are compatible to such commands.

I find that "LCD Smartie" is a good place to go (Google) for such information and just about the defacto standard.

I've got a few applications ongoing for simple 16 (or 20) character single line displays for VFO dials, DFM etc. I also have a 4-line display that I hope to incorporate into the receiver I'm building so that I can display more detail of the signals I'm receiving (whether they are BC, ham, marine etc, the 'metre band' equivalents and even a morse decoded - and/or telex - running line display for when I can't be bothered to decode it in my head!)

Most of this will be simple hacking of existing coding - nothing so dramatic (or hard!) as writing my own..... rolleyes.gif

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Posted: December 27, 2015 02:46 pm
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Cool thumbsup.gif

Put a... idunno, game on it? Spectrograph?


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