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> How To Get An Ssl Certificate For Free
Posted: July 12, 2018 09:10 am
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You arent willing to pay for a paid SSL? Get a free SSL from this source. It works flawlessly, and the implementation will take you a few minutes.
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Posted: July 12, 2018 07:01 pm
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I can't say I would do it through a web interface (let alone one posted by a new user... hey, just saying).

But for awareness purposes, Lets Encrypt is just as effective as they wanted it to be; something like half of all websites use it today (including my own). Basically anything that's not critical, but should be HTTPS for the most basic security purposes. General websites, maybe discussion forums, probably not anything financial related.

Find the official resources here: https://letsencrypt.org/

FYI, I adopted it back when their Windows support /sucked/. I made it work, but the supposed automatic refresh didn't seem to, and I had to update certs manually (3 month interval), which was annoying. A year later, they put out an app that handles everything seamlessly. It's probably even better now. (Support on *nix has always been easy, as far as I know; but that may be "easy" for the kind of people who like *nix, so take that with a grain of salt I guess. tongue.gif )


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