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> Calculus Derived From Basics
Posted: July 14, 2013 02:55 am
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i was wondering from a point of view that the basic theory of "sets" mainly define higher part of mathematics like differential/ integral calculus, and even differential equations... a man told me this:

"calculus are derived from our basic knowledge in elementary, sets..

from a whole bunch of a group, when you extract some elements from it, that's differential calculus

when you return those extracted elements and put them in the group, that's integral calculus

when you combine the process of the two, it's differential equations"

he added, "these high forms of math are from the basic, they just differ on the terms used, that's why some students complicate it, but its rather easy, because we tend to forget our basics.. why make things complicated, when things are rather that simple?"

from my point of view i realized this was true.. but come to think of it how many percent of it is true??

well, i learned a lesson here, why complicate life, when you can live it easily.. biggrin.gif
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Posted: July 14, 2013 05:01 am
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True in a sense, I guess, but overly simplified to the point of not being useful? Calculus operates on functions, which obey different algebraic rules (postulates and theorems) from sets.

Note that "calculi" originally meant a counting stone, which would go well with set theory. There's nothing continuous about that, at least as we would understand calculus today; blame Newton I guess.


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