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> Tube Scope Service/repair, I didn't even know it happend..
Posted: June 27, 2017 09:24 pm
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So for a long time my tube scope had been giving me problems with Phase syncing.. I'd battle for some time to lock onto some signals.. however i always put it too the age and simplicity of the scope. Anyways I decided to open it up again (last time it was open was when I purchased it 10-15 years ago), dust it out and do a quick check on everything..

Surprise #1 when i moved it into the working area, a rattle inside, and when i cracked it open ... A very unwell cap fell out..

user posted image user posted image

So check all over the single board inside and found nothing realy wrong. then checked up the sides, as there are parts of the circuits built around the pots and selectors.. and that's when i found the two problems..

user posted image user posted image user posted image

The 200V 1000mfd (thats how the caps are marked) axial cap that blew off both ends and a 10K carbon rod resistor that has pulled one cap off..

I replaced both with new equivalent parts and blew out the dust, and viola, the scope now locks onto signals much better..

user posted image user posted image

I need to stock up on more high voltage caps, stock is running very low now, and i used a 2200 uf 200V cap as a replacement.. lucky the cap is across the sweep of the internal focus pot and should not affect any frequency response of the scope..

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